THE FIVE provides a weekly spotlight on black businesses around the world (Week of 12/21):

Alter Planning Co. creates planners that challenge us to alter our approach and implement more structure and drive in our routine. Alter’s planners are designed for people who thought, experienced, and moved through the world the same way we do. The products range from daily planners, annual planners, to spiritual journals.


Kintu handbags are designed in New York, co-developed with global artisans, and made in Italy. Kintu’s quality is a combination of the craftsmanship of Italian leather makers and the handicraft of artisans from India (Indian handwoven luxury brocade) and Kenya (Hardware). The Kintu brand appeals to the dynamic, busy, urban woman who values quality and self-expression.


GrillzandGranola was created for underrepresented women of color to have more access to inclusive and culturally-attuned fitness experiences. GrillzandGranola is a MWBE certified, NYC-based fitness company that curates and creates community-based experiences powered by women of color, starting with our signature class, TrapAerobics. The studio also hosts group therapy sessions for dealing with identity, grief, loneliness, balance, etc. We value community, inclusivity and accessibility.


If Eye Ever creates totally unique, lensless frames hand-crafted by local artisans who think globally. If Eye Ever #lenslesframes are made for the individual who values self-expression over sameness, love over hate and dreams over inertia.


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Civil creates Civil Diamonds with the world’s most sustainable process. Civil believes adornment can fuel empowerment and reinvests 20% in underrepresented entrepreneurs. Founder of Civil Jewelry, Blakely Thornton was encouraged to form its mission around access and empowerment. “My goal is to make our country’s allocation of wealth and corporate makeup better reflect our people—there is very little diversity in board rooms, C-suites, and venture capital firms and it’s a serious problem.”


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