THE FIVE provides a weekly spotlight on black businesses around the world (Week of 11/30):

Monrowe is a unisex line of ready-to-wear hats, made in the USA, and created for the bold at heart. More timeless than trendy, the brims blend nuances from ‘40s and ‘50s Jazz Era styles with classic Western shapes and contemporary elements.

Studio Artificer is a design studio that specializes in woodwork and ceramics.

Ivy’s Tea Co. is a Hip-Hop inspired tea company owned and operated by first-generation herbalist and Tea Bae, Shanae. Based on the idea of living off the land and using the land for healing, the brand launched in 2016, and since then has transformed into the tea hub you shop from today.

Life of Neon produces neon lights that are designed to turn any indoor space into an enchanting oasis.

MSS Candles was established in November ’17 by 29 year-old Michelle Smithson and are made out of 100% Soy wax that are infused with essential oils including soy wax melts.