Morgan DeBaun, the founder and CEO of Blavity, Inc., recently sat down with Guy Raz for an episode of “How I Built This.”  Blavity, founded in 2014, is a platform looking to appeal to the Black millennial market for travel, tech, politics, news, and entertainment.

DeBaun touched on many topics during the interview, the most pertinent being funding for startups and small businesses, especially given the recent call to support black-owned businesses.

Historically, black-owned businesses haven’t had access to the same resources, and because of this, haven’t been able to realize their full potential.  For small business owners or startups, DeBaun recommends education on different funding sources.  Education will allow entrepreneurs to better understand the pros and cons of each.

Blavity chose to go the VC route, and DeBaun admits to having felt a bit lost when initially starting.  But, she made it.  DeBaun and what she’s built now provide us with the perfect example of what black people are capable of with the right support.

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