Educator and activist Brittany Packnett gave a TED Talk in 2019 where she presented on the importance of confidence.  We’re traditionally taught that knowledge and resources are the driving factors of success, but to her point, we’re in a world now where both are abundant, but so still is injustice.

We all have dreams, but it takes confidence to actually make them a reality.  Packnett goes further in making the point that, “confidence is the difference between being inspired and actually getting started,” adding that it’s the, “necessary spark before everything that follows.”

Despite how things look on the surface, in reality there is a specific archetype that the world is comfortable with, and that reality can leave black people stagnant.  “Why bother if things aren’t designed for me?”  To see an unarmed black person killed with zero repercussions is the perfect reminder.

Our goal at Five Fifths is to generate and promote exactly what Brittany Packnett sought to teach in her classrooms: confidence.  Our hope is that by highlighting the amazing things that black people are doing, in careers outside of sports and entertainment, we’ll inspire a new generation of black leaders.

Permission births confidence.  Community nurtures confidence.  Curiosity affirms confidence.